gta post 1 april 25
April 25, 2018

To help make its downtown more vibrant and attractive, on April 10 Oakville council approved the final design for the reconstruction of Lakeshore Road East. The core of the town’s …

to post april 20
April 25, 2018

The Twist Gallery on Queen Street West is showcasing Toronto’s architecture and streetscapes through art. Featuring Toronto artists who depict the city in a variety of different ways, the show—Cityscapes: …

to post 1 march 9
March 12, 2018

Local residents in four wards will be able to raise hens in their backyards until March 2, 2021, under a three-year pilot project announced this month by the City of …

gta post 2 march 7
March 12, 2018

In response to changing retail market and land use patterns, planners in the City of Mississauga are undertaking a revised planning framework to guide the long-term development of five existing …

gta post 1 march 7
March 12, 2018

With aspirations to achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2040, The City of Burlington has identified opportunities to reach its goal through multi-stakeholder collaboration, demonstration projects and intensification-focused urban development. …

gta post 1 feb 21
February 21, 2018

Planning practices sustain racial inequities in transit and housing across Canada, and the GTHA is no different. Changes are needed. One solution starts with planning education: hiring faculty and attracting …

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